OOC: I’m not fully back yet but

[[Did you guys remember that doujin that I want to buy? Apparently I’ve found a scanlation of it. I’ll message to you people the link for those who are interested. <3 //rolls away]]

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OOC: So I’ve decided…

[[I guess I should follow Kuppuru’s advice of taking a long break plus I had rethought about it for a while. Until unit drama CD 3 is out (which is around November 30 if I recall it right), I will take a LONG hiatus. I don’t want to force myself on anyone, and I don’t like continuing RP-ing as Masa if I lack the inspiration for it; resulting to a half-hearted reply.

On my long hiatus, I’ll fangirl at Arcana Famiglia. *w* So far I’ve already contaminated Otter-kun and Itchy with it. Other than that, I’m also reading a few otome game reviews because I have to feed my hungry maiden heart. TTvTT

Sorry to say, but I lack the mood for UtaPri at the moment. Even though it’s fun to see fanart of it and/or RP of it but still…. So see you people around weeks from now. 8D I don’t think people will notice it if I disappear for awhile. Also, you can bug me on MSN or Skype if you like. >w</ I’ll be secretly online here in tumblr for a certain somebody yes.]]

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That awkward moment when you text a roleplay post to your mother by accident


[[Oh mai! XD Be more careful next time.]]

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Argh. So tired. I just want to be back in my warm bed already.

[[Let me hug you and… LET’S PARTY!!!! PUT YA GUNZ ON! Jap is currently playing here on my iTunes. xD]]

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OOC: My mood’s back!

[[I think my wish became true. I know it’s weird, but seeing a Mai RP-er made me VERY happy. Let Onii-chama love you~ even if your Onii-chama’s living in the future. TTvTT]]

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OOC: Rest now. Good night everyone~

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OOC: Wishes for today



[[Since I will wait more minutes for the next 11/11/11 time which is 11:11 PM, I felt like sharing what I’ve wished for. Fortunately, I woke up around 11:11 AM so I quickly said my wish and that is to have a PSP. The second thing that I’ll wish would be to get back my RP mood. Lastly, I’m wishing Ask Masa-mun a Happy Birthday~ I hope today will be a fun day for all of you.]]

(Thank you, Twin-san!~)

[[You’re welcome Twinnie~ *hugs*]]

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